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Is your car in limp mode? Suffering loss of power ? Feeling sluggish up hill ? 

Then there's a good chance you are having DPF issue's.

Get in contact today with one of our expert team to discuss how one of our dpf cleaning packages can get your vehicle and DPF functioning correctly again.

Why is DPF Cleaning Needed? 

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DPF Cleaning



• DPF cleaning is an essential service for diesel engine vehicles, as it helps to keep the engine running smoothly and efficiently.


• Our DPF cleaning service is top-notch, using the latest technologies to ensure that your vehicle's DPF is fully cleaned and free of any potential blockages.


• With our DPF cleaning service, you can save money on repairs and fuel costs, as a regular DPF clean can help to improve the efficiency of your engine, resulting in less fuel consumption.

Our Packages 

Diagnostics & Regeneration 

Full diagnostic testing

Pressure sensor validation 

DPF Regeneration 

DPF Health Check 


From £125 

On Vehicle Clean & Flush 

Full Diagnostics 

Full 2 part DPF Chemical Clean

Pressure sensor validation 

DPF health check 

From £179 



Off Vehicle Clean 

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